In today’s digital world, consumers are more exposed to, engage with, and make purchases
from businesses online. Digital marketing won’t be your company’s “magic” marketing
answer if it isn’t regularly tracked, measured, and changed. Assessing the effectiveness of
these operations can be best done by estimating their ROI. After all, what use are costly
marketing campaigns if they don’t generate revenue? So, a Digital marketing company can
help you in this case.
Measuring Digital Marketing
With the advancement in technology and the World Wide Web, marketers now have more
opportunities to interact with customers online. Since most consumers browse the web on
smartphones, tablets, and PCs, digital marketing has become an essential part of every
business’s marketing plan.
These days, marketers may evaluate a campaign’s efficacy in addition to its return on
investment. However, you don’t need to utilize complicated technology to swiftly and
simply evaluate the return on investment of your Digital marketing company effort. Below
is the basic ROI calculation along with several important considerations.
How Can Digital Marketing ROI Be Calculated?
Return on investment is simply the ratio of the profits from a digital marketing campaign to
the expenses incurred in planning and executing it.  
The basic ROI calculation is:
 ROI = (Net Profit/Total Cost)*100
However, if you have no targets or goals, use incorrect data and figures in your
computations, measure the incorrect key performance indicators (KPIs), or are unsure of
what you’re monitoring, the return on investment estimate won’t signify anything.
How to calculate ROI for digital marketing 
Adopt these procedures to calculate and enhance ROI for digital marketing in your
Decide on a reasonable ROI target.
The objectives of your Digital marketing agency may determine what constitutes a quality
ROI statistic. A 5:1 ratio is often seen by digital marketers as a positive return on
investment, although this figure might change depending on the campaign and sector. Many
factors, including your market, channels, and content, may have an impact on this figure. To
determine your optimal ROI, you can consider industry standards as well as your past
The ROI objective could vary depending on the marketing campaign you execute. You may
plan certain initiatives to generate a lot of conversions and run other ads to increase brand

or product recognition. You can calculate your ROI more effectively if you are aware of each
campaign’s unique objectives. Before setting goals, you may better grasp the parameters
that affect your return on investment.
Select your tools and KPIs.
Measurable data or figures known as key performance indicators, or KPIs, demonstrate how
well a company goal is being carried out. KPIs may assist you in picking which indicators to
measure for your return on investment and allow you to set clear objectives for your efforts.
To gain a comprehensive understanding of the campaign’s reach, select five to eight KPIs
that are in line with your objectives.
You may track your marketing statistics using several virtual or online apps. See if you have
access to all the data required to determine the return on investment for your digital
marketing by comparing your program’s information monitoring with your goals and key
performance indicators. 
Track conversion rates
When the objective of your campaign is to persuade consumers to take a certain action
after engaging with a digital marketing approach, monitoring conversion rates may be
helpful. Conversion rates can be monitored in a variety of different methods, such as:
Conversion rate by channel: Determine which channels—such as newsletters or social media
profiles—have the best conversion rates before allocating your marketing money.
Conversion rate by device: Keep track of the devices that users are using to view your
content, like PCs or mobile phones, and the devices that are converting the most.
Test and optimize
Testing your marketing initiatives is the only method to find out how effective they are. To
find out what your audience reacts to, try various copies, images, links, and more using
variable testing. Testing will not only make your current efforts better, but it will also
provide you with a better foundation for future initiatives.
Comprehend your goals.
You want to demonstrate to management that your digital marketing techniques are
effective in generating income for the company. Proving the return on investment (ROI) of
their work is attractive to marketers, but what if there are other metrics your company
could use to evaluate the effectiveness of its efforts? Here’s where knowing your specific
marketing goals is crucial before implementing and evaluating your campaigns and tactics.
Not every aspect of your digital marketing plan will provide the best outcomes. Lead
generation and clicks may be quantified mathematically, but they don’t have any monetary
value to show a return on investment. You won’t be able to determine the full efficacy of
your marketing initiatives if you only consider income.
Assure that your methods for collecting data are clean.

Your data-collecting system and procedures must be able to gather data cleanly for you to
track your KPIs. Your KPI and ROI figures will be distorted if there are any errors or
irregularities in the data entry, collection, transmission, or calculation processes. When
evaluating the success of your digital marketing campaigns in locating, luring, and retaining
online consumers, inaccurate KPIs will be of little value.
Get a guide to how those KPIs fit in with the overall story
Increasing sales is the aim of marketing, which is frequently reflected in revenue and return
on investment. You can only see a small portion of the larger picture of digital marketing
when you simply consider ROI. Your KPIs are crucial, but even if many of them don’t directly
relate to higher ROI, there is frequently a pattern between them.
Your marketing ROI may have improved throughout the same period, for instance, if your
KPIs contain a higher click-through rate and less money spent per client.
Monitor your distinct visitors and customize search traffic.
The quantity of people who land on your link, software, or website once a month is known
as unique monthly visitors. Since repeat clicks are not unique, analytics solutions do not
track them from a specific device or IP address for this kind of data. You may learn more
about how you get traffic and which are more popular from unique visitors.
A comparable measure is called “branded search lift,” which counts the number of
individuals who have entered your business or brand name into a search engine to find out
more about you. Monitoring this number might be useful if one of your objectives is raising
brand awareness. As more people become aware of your business, your branded search lift
number can increase over time.
How to begin using ROI for digital marketing
Effectively calculating and tracking return on investment from the Best digital marketing
company is essential for every successful company. Without it, businesses waste money on
advertisements that are released through the incorrect channel or fail to connect with their
target demographic. It’s possible to make adjustments to a campaign when it’s not working
out and allocate resources to the initiatives that are performing the best by closely
monitoring digital marketing ROI along with other KPIs.
The first step in increasing your return on investment is to put in place a marketing platform
that enables you to create scalable, tailored experiences. You require a marketing stack
made especially to deliver outstanding customer experiences if you want to do that.
Marketers may grow their digital marketing using the solutions provided by Alobha
Technologies, the Best digital marketing company. Marketers can quickly implement best
practices to increase return on investment thanks to the automation, reporting, and lead
management features that are already integrated.  So, contact us today to get started!

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