Outsourcing Software Development

In today’s world, National boundaries are dissolved in the software industry. Creating a global scenario to hire and Keep the best talent wherever found. We, at Alobha can set up a dedicated development team for you. We offer this dedicated developer model to such clients who are looking to use the resources full time as an extension of their development team.

The team can be as small as one programmer analyst and two programmers to maximum people with the skill set which is required by you. We make sure that the each Developing member has the experience and knowledge of the development and quality standard. The quality of development would be very high. Our model allows the customers to obtain full control over development processes, resources and results with the minimum investment. The contract duration is wholly dependent on client’s choice but we advise to hire a dedicated team for a minimum of three to six months. Some of the features of this model can be seen as.

1. Simple monthly billing cycles

2. Daily / weekly reporting

3. Project Manager overlooking overall progress

4.Direct reporting to clients’ project coordinators

5. Source code ownership at all times

6. Full Intellectual Property Rights Protection

The key benefits of outsourcing your software projects to Alobha are the immediate access to a vast pool of best industry talents with low exit cost and no management cost and other etc.Software outsourcing will offer your company a great range of flexibility which improve efficiency of your staff allocation .By outsourcing we can utilize the flexible manpower and can reduce the HR cost .

Software outsourcing is a process of engaging third party professionals and developer for software development services. Often the complete process is managed and supervised by the company which outsources its development requirements. As a set rule third party software professionals are hired on contract to develop your application as per your exact requirements.

We work with you to overcome a particular business challenges in a way that satisfies your needs for speed,cost effectiveness and high quality.

    Delivering Quality Web-Development Services

    IoT App Development

    IoT app used to monitor and control the devices ,activities from anywhere and anytime The mobile app will help the administrator to send commands to the smart devices in order to make them to perform the required action. Identifying the devices, the cloud will send the related request to the appropriate sensor network using gateways.

    The sensor network will process the required request and will send the reply back to the cloud . The cloud will find the user who had requested the data and push the required data to app.

    IoT Apps development offers :

    IP Addresses : Ip addresses play a vital role in IoT system the latest version of the internet protocol, IPv5 make IoT smarter than ever.

    IoT gateways: IoT gateways is a form of solution that connects the devices to the internet through communication modes like wifi, bluetooth smart, Wi-Fi and wireless etc.
    This setup also enables the devices to communicate with each other
    Our IoT services are as follows:

    1. IoT hardware development

    2. Embedded hardware prototyping

    3. IOT gateway development

    4.Iot node development

    Our Approach as simple and powerful as IOT’s concept of-Enabling devices to communicate intelligently through the internet.Think

    Ecommerce Development

    We not only develop websites; we try to build online image of your company in front world.

    Alobha technology has been developing ecommerce website design for over the years
    An eCommerce website is a vital part of any retailers channel mix in fact for some, it may be your only sales channel That means you need a site that’s easy to use, processes payments securely and which showcases your products in the best way possible.

    Ecommerce Functions

    An eCommerce website needs much more functionality than a brochure site, such as the ability for users to create accounts, create a wishlist and of course buy online. You may also be looking for more advanced features,like multiple delivery options, trade and consumer pricing or the ability to customise products.

    We are also able to integrate your website with many popular e-Commerce systems, such as Sparkstone, OrderWise, Salesforce


    Below we have listed a few of the features that enable business owners to manage and market their online store.

    eCommerce website development

    We can build you a fully-featured online shop, with a smooth, secure buying process and all the design and management options you need. We’ve been working in eCommerce for more than a decade and can take care of everything, so you can get selling.

    Responsive – buy on your tablet or mobile

    Lots of people shop on their mobile – don’t let a confusing shopping experience that doesn’t translate to the small mobile screen lose you a sale.

    Creating a mobile-friendly shopping cart or ecommerce website might mean adapting what you have, starting from scratch, or implementing it as part of a new build.

    Secure payments and simple maintenance

    A beautifully designed and wonderfully intuitive website it just part of it. Customers want and need to know their payments are safe and secure and we always include this in our design.

    After the build, and during content or product listing, having a simple administration or CMS system is also important. Our CMS systems are always built with this in mind, to streamline the process and save you time.

    Web-Design & Development Approach

    Delivering Quality Web-Development Services

    mCommerce Development

    Web Development is one of the fastest growing domains in IT industry

    As a business, you can ignore the growing mobile user segment only to your own peril. When people are shifting their buying habits to the m Commerce applications and mobile business solutions, your business simply cannot miss this crucial platform to present itself in front of this prospective audience base

    Development of well-planned and targeted mobile commerce solution ensures that you have a user friendly platform to attract user and consumers to your brand value. At Alobha technology, the MCommerce App Development takes into account specific consumer data to delight your consumers with personalized content on your mCommerce platform

    Get in touch with us for the best M-commerce development experience of your life.

    Alobha Technology offers complete technology services for your retail business :


    2.Mobile Commerce Apps

    3.Mobile Commerce Web Apps

    4.Mobile Payment Apps

    Being a trusted company in the mCommerce App Development, We use only time tested and recent technology to deliver result oriented mCommerce applications for businesses like you
    Our business solutions are based on your industry specifications and are designed to improve your business prospects among yours

    We provide single as well as multi-platform solutions and app development. With us, you can enter inside new mCommerce platforms or improve on your existing eCommerce platforms too. We facilitate integration of all data from your eCommerce platform to your mCommerce platform.

    A unique combination of talented designers and professional developers at Neologix lets you develop into a client oriented business platform

    Our developers can expertly put together a mobile commerce solution that fully integrates with your existing ecommerce website that includes product catalog, inventory, shipping methods, payments and checkout as well as all other functionalities.

    If you have been searching a best mobile application development company to gadget your iOS, Android or Windows app idea, you have really landed at the “right Place”.

    Frontend Development

    We not only develop websites; we try to build online image of your company in front world.

    Our Front end development services deals with those parts of your website that a user interacts with. Today, technology is available to bring some of your business logic from the server level to browser level making it much easier to build web application that seems near real-time and does not need to refresh.

    Here is what we do for you :

    • Architecture and Design:
      Design your application to meet the exact requirements of your web development project.
    • Performance Tuning:
      Optimize and implement best practices that improve your web development performance efforts.
    • User Interface and User Experience: Utilize widget development and application best practices to optimize your web development project.
    • Custom Development:Custom development, version migration and cross-browser verification and many more applications.

    The Front-end Development practice incorporates UI design, user experience (UX) design and development activities into every stage of the application development life cycle, ensuring that end-user needs are central to the entire application development process..End-to-end user experience design and user interface engineering services

    • User experience consulting services
    • User experience refresh service
    • UX Strategy development
    • Product conceptualization
    • Mockups & Prototypes
    • Usability assessment and improvements
    • Usability Testing & analysis Services
    • User experience special services – next-gen user experience

    We start with analyzing client business goals and target user groups;
    We study how users will interact with the website or web application in great detail and document user behavior scenarios;

    We integrate usability testing on each stage of development to avoid vital mistakes that can slow down front end development process

    A very important and largely unique component of many engagements is a “Clickable Prototype”
    An implementation of much of the foreseen screens with transitions but without the underlying technical implementation. In our experience when people see the user flow, interactions and how pages are transformed they are much more likely to understand and provide constructive feedback on the product. The prototype also acts as a proof of concept that the technology stack chosen is capable of meeting the technical and business objectives.
    For more Details Speak With Us….

    Web-Design & Development Approach

    Delivering Quality Web-Development Services

    Backend Development

    Web Development is one of the fastest growing domains in IT industry

    Our web development solutions will transform and grow your business.Our service is personal and tailored to each individual client. We define your needs and understand your target audience, so we can deliver benefits that will give your project the success it deserves.

    “Every project we undertake is unique and every client we work with requires a different approach. Our small size and network of trusted partners and Developer enable us to offer flexibility and reliability.”

    We are a small team of designers and developers at Alobha Technology. We work with a variety of clients from startups to global providing a range of services from user experience design and product realization to web and mobile app development. Our specialty is web development, both front and back-end.

    In order to make the server, application, and database communicate with each other, back-end,use server-side languages like PHP, Ruby, Java, to build an application, and tools like MySQL, Oracle, and SQL Server to save, or change data and serve it back to the user in Backend code.

    While our front end web development team are busy creating the customer facing aspect of your website, our backend programmers have their hands full with the equally important task of perfecting the user interface and making sure everything works smoothly behind the scenes. This, for instance, might include making sure your contact forms are connected to a database to record interaction from your customers, or that your website is integrated with a content management system (CMS). It is also essential to e-commerce websites, and allows for payment transactions and inventory management, among other crucial running tasks.

    Alobha Technology always believes in providing to the variety of needs of its clients. A few approach us for the development of Web applications, some want us to preserve their servers, while some reach us to grasp their existing web services to the back-end.
    To know more about our organization, services and expertise or to start conversations with our representative contact us.

    iWatch App Development

    We not only develop websites; we try to build online image of your company in front world.

    Apple Watch is Apple’s most personal device that has been designed to be worn. It is suitable for universal audience and can be customized too. We have gained enough experience in Apple Watch App Development Services.

    At Alobha Technology we understand that Apple Watch apps should have to be clever and interactive. Skilled and expert Apple Watch app developers working with us design the most suitable UI for the apps. There are quite a few apps available for Apple Watch. We assist the clients right from the start to the end. You can be assured that you will get the best Apple Watch

    applications within the stipulated time frame. If you want your very own app for Apple Watch app that complements your business.

    We develop the most innovative Iphone Application, We are passionate about the i phone apps we have built and we ensure they succeed potential in market .We have excellent UX and UI designer , who design the user experience ,user profiles,design flows and user stories. in the industry, some of them include

    We have developed a variety of apps in various domains

    • Ecommerce and shopping Apps
    • Travel App, Food and Restaurant Apps
    • Education and Book App
    • Retails and Fashion App
    • Social Networking App
    • Health, Fitness and Lifestyle Apps
    • Real Estate Apps
    • Music And Multimedia Apps

    Since the beginning of iPhone era, the team at Alobha Technology has been building rich, beautiful and scalable native apps For businesses that want to cut costs and develop hybrid or cross platform apps that run on multiple platforms including Android.

    A winning team of Alobha Technology who are expert in the field of android I watch app development.

    One-stop solution for both development as well as maintenance of android-based apps.

    Satisfactory testing and quality analysis of the final product.

    Reliable after-sale service and round the clock customer support.

    Competitive pricing with best in the market software development service

    Create new experiences with Apple Watch App Development contact us now.

    Web-Design & Development Approach

    Delivering Quality Web-Development Services

    Wearable Device App Development

    Web Development is one of the fastest growing domains in IT industry

    A Wearable device app to snap the success of your business. Our team of developer’s expertise in the wearable device app development got accompanied with dedication, knowledge ,and to explore the possible future made us deploy creative and innovative application every time.
    Wearable are a modern and rapidly developing class of devices intended to bring high mobility, live access to data, and context to lives of their users. A great variety of these devices, from wristband to chest sensor, offer the wearer the ability to move freely through the world and extend themselves in many different ways.


    A large number of wearable products available on the market are fitness trackers and assistants, wearable timers and sensors, etc. Alobha Technology is skilled at building applications for wearable devices that help users achieve their fitness goals.


    Smart watches (especially Android Wear and Apple Watch Kit ) make it possible to message and answer calls from your wrist, and make it easy and intuitive with gesture recognition.


    Wristbands and fitness trackers help to measure calories burned, while speech input on smart watches and mobile phones make it easy to carry out food and calorie analysis on the fly. We could help by adding a diet suggestions option to your application based on daily activity data from a wearable device.

    Health & Wellness

    Almost all modern smart watches include a heart rate monitor, and all smart wristbands that help with sleep tracking also provide users with a highly developed smart wake-up technology that adapts to the user’s sleep phases. The Alobha Technology team can help you integrate this data with personal health records.

    Android Wear Application Development
    Considering the need of Android wearable devices, we leverage Android Wear API and Android Wear platform to design beautiful UI that runs smoothly and hassle-free. As an app development Company, We also synchronized data between handle devices and android wearable

    Apple Watch Application Development-
    From reliable healthcare apps to utility or business apps, our developers can deliver the best of wearable technology. Apple and Android watch Kit to improve functionalities of the apps.
    Other services include:

    Wearable apps customized for Android devices
    Wearable app development for Iphone and iPad
    Creating and managing display notification
    Window based wearable devices application development

    We have the skills to provide complete solution to the wearable requirements so if you are looking for the Technology of the future , we will provide you the complete assistance.