CMS Development

Alobha CMS Design services enable you to drive your online business in a way that is organised and deliberate. We will design a CMS Website that will satisfy the administration requirements of your business.

We provide the best Services over the CMS We offer You:

Our CMS Website Design Services:

In its simplest form, a Content Management System will give you the ability to either add or remove content from your website.
A more advanced CMS solution will allow you to alter both the style and structural components of your website. At Alobha we offer three types of CMS Website design and development:

  • Standard CMS:
    Simple CMS application allows the administrator to add a block of content to the website through the use of a “What You See Is What You Get” interface.
  • Complex CMS:
    The complex CMS contains all the functionalities of the simple CMS but with improved functionality, speeding up the user’s experience. This CMS offers an advanced preview and edit option, whereby you can alter and test your existing webpage in complete privacy.
  • Open Source CMS:Open source or off-the-shelf CMS’s can reduce the need for costly site maintenance, empowering users to manage their own content.
  • Custom CMS: 
    Alobha designed and developed a custom CMS for the everyday user. Using proven technology backed by Microsoft, we have created an administration interface, giving users complete control over their website and administration process.Contact us for more information on the different benefits of our individual CMS design Services or any of our other web development services.

    Delivering Quality Web-Development Services

    Drupal Development

    “Drupal is an open source content management System(CMS) and has,at present, the largest and most active community of more than 1 million users.”
    Drupal is an open source platform. That means it’s freely licensed in return for the sharing of new developments and improvements.
    Drupal’s rich, global community of developers and dedicated enthusiasts make continual contributions to its development, ensuring it stays reliable and innovative. This openness has only added to its appeal and popularity

    Why Alobha Technology Use Drupal.

    • Fast, Flexible Framework
      This flexibility on top of pre-built components is why Drupal is a content management framework (CMF), not just a traditional content management system (CMS).CMS’s such as EPiServer, Escenic, SiteVision, Sitecore or Typo3 increase functionality by developing new modules that must be programmed
    • Free, Open, Cutting-edge
      Using and modifying Drupal is free, unlike many traditional CMSs, because it’s an open source software.
      You will need to make any modifications to Drupal available under an open-source licence if you choose to distribute them

    The ranges of services you can grab from us include:

    • Drupal Application Development
    • Drupal Web Development
    • Drupal Deployment
    • Drupal CMS Customization
    • Drupal Module Development
    • Drupal Template Design and Development

    WordPress Development

    We not only develop websites; we try to build online image of your company in front world.

    Alobha Technology is one of the best leading WordPress development company, which offers complete custom WordPress website development and WordPress website design services to various clients all over the world. We are experts in crafting responsive WordPress themes.

    WordPress Services we offer:

    • Web design and development
    • Implementation and setup services
    • Template design
    • Customized plugin development
    • WordPress theme development
    • Responsive layout creation
    • WordPress eCommerce
    • Up gradation features
    • Hosting services
    • Mobile website creation
    • Maintenance and support

    Why WordPress Rules the World of CMS?

    • User friendly
    • Faster implementation
    • Ease of maintenance
    • Customized well and easy
    • Affordable cost

    Discover the Best Services for You

    How We Make Them Succeed With WordPress

    WordPress Development

    Having years of experience and expertise in building WordPress plugin, themes and Ecommerce stores according to client’s needs.We customize the look and feel with various theme and templates. We also create a customized template as per the need and implement it in WordPress.

    Responsive Layouts

    We Understand The Importance Of Attractive Responsive Layouts, So With Every Internet Enabled Device We Ensure That You Get A Website Which Is Compatible.

    Customized Plug-Ins

    We Design Plug-Ins That Can Be Customized To Your Specific Needs, Providing Robustness In The Backend As Well.

    Complete Security

    Keeping in mind the popularity and sensitivity of WordPress,we use best security tools and follow best practices.

    Maintenance Support

    We offer our clients up to Three months of free maintenance and support services to help them focus on their business while we take care of their technical needs.
    See Our Work…

    Web-Design & Development Approach

    Delivering Quality Web-Development Services

    Magento Development

    Web Development is one of the fastest growing domains in IT industry

    Magento is an Ecommerce solution this makes it as close to being an industry standard as is possible.

    Magento is a powerful, flexible platform which can be used as a base to build engaging, usable, stable e-commerce experiences. Magento’s search engine optimization, catalogue management, and powerful marketing functions give us the tools to create a site that provides an unrivalled shopping experience for your customers.

    We have highly skilled and expert backend and frontend Magento developers, working on complex web integrations on Community Edition and Enterprise Edition as well as developing complete, scalable and secure Magento websites.

    Magento Community and Enterprise Experts

    Magento has two main versions – Community and Enterprise. We are well versed at working with both of these platforms and understand their unique advantages.The Community Edition is loaded with many, powerful and flexible features as standard such as:

    • Related product tools, upsells and cross-sells
    • Powerful search mechanism
    • Product categorisation
    • Integration with top payment providers (such as Paypal)
    • Discounting tools (item sales, coupon codes)
    • Landing page functionality
    • Customer accounts, including basic marketing tools
    • Product management tools, including stock and layered pricing / product options (e.g – size and colour)
    • Invoicing and shipping systems including customer communication emails.

    The Enterprise Edition adds support for larger webshops and ecommerce solutions as standard – it is generally suitable for stores with a larger predicted turnover, or with more complex integration requirements. It comes as standard with additional support for:

    • Customer segments
    • Targeted promotions and merchandising
    • Product suggestion tools
    • Search with Solr
    • Customer rewards
    • Private sales
    • Automated email reminders
    • Gift registry
    • Gift cards

    And That’s it which Alobha technology offers you and provide

    Os-Commerce Development

    We not only develop websites; we try to build online image of your company in front world.

    Since Alobha Technology is an affordable website development firm, we provide optimized website development with many web solutions including osCommerce. Our ecommerce clients are having significant gains with all the add-ons available to increase sales by using this Open Source Commerce (osCommerce). We have avoided the pitfalls of unnecessary functionalities, which would need extreme complex implementation.

    Our clients depend on us to provide them with providing them with all the necessary features they wish to incorporate. With Apache and PHP, this powerful software integrates every necessary tool needed for operating online stores and enables us to meet all the requirements of clients.

    How osCommerce developers at Alobha Technology can give you a professionally developed and integration osCommerce website?

    • We ensure that the web host is compatible enough with osCommerce and several supported environments, so as to prevent our clients from getting the wrong end of the stick otherwise.
    • Using this software we provide for our clients’ websites:
    • General functionality
    • Back-end and administration functionality
    • Front-end and customer functionality
    • Product functionality
    • Tax functionality
    • Payment functionality
    • Shipping functionality
    • Whenever problems arise for our clients we are there to tweak them and solve all their difficulties, as our experts are very knowledgeable in the technology.

    Since inventory is often the difficult part facing online stores, utilizing osCommerce, we customize issues depending on when, as well as how stores add inventory. It is possible for our clients to bulk upload information in a single form easily, quickly and without much know-how according to their convenience.

    By utilizing this shopping cart system we enable our clients to operate in different operating systems, multiple situations and environments.
    For our many high-risk businesses we make use of osCommerce to provide merchant account solution due to its security and other features like accepting multitude of international currencies,
    Along with its usability, flexibility and ability to support numerous languages.

    Web-Design & Development Approach

    Delivering Quality Web-Development Services

    Prestashop Development

    Web Development is one of the fastest growing domains in IT industry

    Our in-house team of Prestashop experts, serves you everything from setting up your e-commerce to promote your business.

    We at Alobha Technology, feel proud to offer you with our Prestashop development services for your modern day business. We have a team of experienced Prestashop development professionals, who take care of your business needs. Our experts conduct a survey of the industry you operate, take a note of current trends taking place in the market and finally come up with a solution sufficing your requirements.

    Here is a brief outline of how we work:

    • Agile Project Management:
      It is an incremental method to help manage development and design assignments in a flexible and effective manner. We manage the whole life cycle of the project with this strategy.
    • Follow Prestashop Best Development Practices: We deploy industry standard Prestashop development practices to bring the vision of the eCommerce site into life. No cutting corners and no loss of quality.
    • Unit Testing and Error Tracking: This is when the develop website, either partial or full, is deployed for testing and error tracking. Both the elements are important to find out if there are any problems with the system and to rectify it ASAP.
    • Deployment: This is when the whole system, still under testing, is deployed on a live server hosting environment.
    • SEO and Security:
      In this stage, we ensure that the Prestashop website adheres to recommended SEO guidelines, according to popular search engines like Google,Yahoo,Bing. Moreover, additional steps are taken to tighten website security against attacks.
    • Server Setup and Recommendations:
      This is the last leg of development.
      We offer Prestashop hosting on our servers. It is, of course, the client’s choice whether to host with us or not. Here, we are almost ready to handover the project to the client company.
    • Documentation:All developmental details are documented for future.
    • Training: After project handover, we train client representatives over smooth functioning and handling of the site. The duration of training depends on the complexity of the project.



    Alobha Technology offers Prestashop professionals, responsible for clean and fresh design management for prestashop website. Our advanced technologies offer you complete responsive smart Prestashop website so this will work on all the devices.


    Consumers are always looking for customized solutions that suits their specific business needs. Most of companies are spreading their products and categories range to better address consumer liking. Our Prestashop developers understand every client’s business needs and customize the things accordingly, to provide them successful solution.


    We not only develop websites; we try to build online image of your company in front world.

    Our bootstrap solutions are an answer to all your web troubles. Bootstrap is essentially an open source framework that has been developed by Twitter. It is based on JavaScript and combined with HTML and CSS. This makes the entire process of developing interface components easier.


    Bootstrap is a responsive framework. This is why it helps in developing websites which can be well matched with a huge range of mobile devices. The biggest advantage of Bootstrap is that a bootstrap website is attuned to:

    • PCs
    • Laptops
    • Tablets
    • Mobile Phones

    If you are looking for a faster and effective web development then bootstrap is your answer.

    Bootstrap Strength:

    SBootstrap is a free set of tools for creating sites and web applications. It contains HTML and CSS-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and additional interface components.

    • Simple standardization of HTML syntax
    • Design styles change much faster than the HTML
    • The Grid Speaks and JavaScript factors in Design
    • Save Time
    • Customizable
    • Consistency
    • Integration
    • Responsive framework makes it easy to build customized websites
    • Competitiveness
    • Bootstrap’s documentation is impressive.
    • Simple to learn

    We offer at OST:

    • HTML, Joomla, WP, Drupal responsive templates in bootstrap
    • Migrate Bootstrap 2.3 to Bootstrap 3.x
    • Customize existing bootstrap templates & make it more responsive
    • Extend normal CSS to Bootstrap Framework

    Please check our portfolio.

    To know more about our organization, services and expertise or to start conversations with our representative contact us.

    Web-Design & Development Approach

    Delivering Quality Web-Development Services

    Open Cart

    Web Development is one of the fastest growing domains in IT industry

    OpenCart is a powerful open source shopping cart system that is designed to be feature rich and user friendly at an affordable cost with a wide range of OpenCart features.

    We Offer rich shopping experiences to our customers with our OpenCart customization services

    OpenCart is one of the better open source shopping cart platforms available on the market and Creative Alobha Technology knows how to make good use of it for client benefit.

    Our OpenCart shopping carts are SEO Friendly and integrated with a whole range of features like opinions and ratings, endless groups and products, computer invoices, several payment gateways, shipping options and more.

    We aim to make your shopping cart an online sales generation machine with our OpenCart solutions.

    We understand this fact with a plomb and focus our energies on creating just such a solution for our clients.

    We offer the following openCart services to our clients:

    PSD to Opencart

    If you have a PSD design that needs to be converted into OpenCart, You need to choose a company that has expertise in both PSD conversion and openCart.

    Alobha technology has both

    Responsive Theme Design

    Use our expert responsive website designer to ensure your OpenCart ecommerce store renders effectively on the mobile devices, tablets and web browsers of your store users.

    OpenCart Customization

    Does default functionality of OpenCart is not enough for your store?

    Do you need advanced customization in it?

    Creative Alobha Technology will be your best choice for this.

    OpenCart Store Design

    We can create custom layout design based on your requirement that satisfy all your shoppers objectives, generates real engagement and provides rich user’s expectations from your shopping cart.

    OpenCart Store Migration

    Whether you want to Migrate to openCart or Migrate from it to some other platform of your choice ,our expertise helps to make seamless migration possible ,to ensure the highest standard of quality