Community App

iOS Android
User Will be Register via the sign up and fill own personal required detail and login via credential
User Can Create Community as per their idea and need, there will be a profile page which include the features like Joined Community, Voting, Own Profile, About Us, Events List.
User can Join and unjoin the Community , add comment on particular topic add pictures , addEvents and Post
Voting : Create Poll User can Create poll and publically post it.
Member of that community can Vote to Specific Poll by selecting one option.
View Poll percentage Cha?t : It’s a? g?aphi?al ?ep?ese?tatio? of the Poll
User will get the Notification when some activity will be happened in joined community.
Admin Features
Admin can Manage Community and approve the community request.
Admin Can Disapprove Community Request.
Admin Can View All Community list and their Member list.
Get Notification: New Community Creation
Can View the Member list n Activity