IT’s Ready

IT’s Ready

Include Analytics

Tracking and analyzing their experience is more important for your business rather than a handful of data that does not pay off. IT’s Ready app will help you to gather relevant data and encourage better updates and functionality.

Allow Customization

The users feel safe and comfortable using your app. Allow to customize the app the way they like it, by choosing colors, fonts and a social application, allow them to get a strong hand on the privacy settings

Feedback System

Getting feedback from the user has proved to be very helpful for many businesses. Giving your users a chance to give feedback makes them comprehend the humble personality of your brand


Core Features

Four Level Architecture based on IT’s Ready Chat
1. Admin 2. Farmer 3. Engineer 4. Consumer

  1. Admin : Admin Can manage the Farmer/Engineer/Labour/Consumer
  2. Farmer : Farmer can contact to engineer as per the need / Search Engineer & Labor
  3. Chat Integration.
  4. Engineer : Engineer Add their profile with relevant skill/ Support to farmer with
    their query
  5. Labor : Labor can be hired and get paid , Labor can contact to farmer as per their
  6. Consumer : Can contact with Farmer and buy the Product from the farmer
  7. Chat Application
  8. Skilled Labor Search
  9. relevant Skilled Engineer Search
  10. Notification

App Screenshots

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A lot goes into developing a mobile app that meets our eyes. We have a team of mobile app developers which assure that the resulting product is as great as the team that made it.