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Wearable Device App Development

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A Wearable device app to snap the success of your business. Our team of developer's expertise in the wearable device app development got accompanied with dedication, knowledge ,and to explore the possible future made us deploy creative and innovative application every time. Wearable are a modern and rapidly developing class of devices intended to bring high mobility, live access to data, and context to lives of their users. A great variety of these devices, from wristband to chest sensor, offer the wearer the ability to move freely through the world and extend themselves in many different ways.


A large number of wearable products available on the market are fitness trackers and assistants, wearable timers and sensors, etc. Alobha Technology is skilled at building applications for wearable devices that help users achieve their fitness goals.


Smart watches (especially Android Wear and Apple Watch Kit ) make it possible to message and answer calls from your wrist, and make it easy and intuitive with gesture recognition.


Wristbands and fitness trackers help to measure calories burned, while speech input on smart watches and mobile phones make it easy to carry out food and calorie analysis on the fly. We could help by adding a diet suggestions option to your application based on daily activity data from a wearable device.

Health & Wellness

Almost all modern smart watches include a heart rate monitor, and all smart wristbands that help with sleep tracking also provide users with a highly developed smart wake-up technology that adapts to the user's sleep phases. The Alobha Technology team can help you integrate this data with personal health records.

Android Wear Application Development Considering the need of Android wearable devices, we leverage Android Wear API and Android Wear platform to design beautiful UI that runs smoothly and hassle-free. As an app development Company, We also synchronized data between handle devices and android wearable

Apple Watch Application Development- From reliable healthcare apps to utility or business apps, our developers can deliver the best of wearable technology. Apple and Android watch Kit to improve functionalities of the apps. Other services include:

Wearable apps customized for Android devices Wearable app development for Iphone and iPad Creating and managing display notification Window based wearable devices application development

We have the skills to provide complete solution to the wearable requirements so if you are looking for the Technology of the future , we will provide you the complete assistance

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