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Outsourcing Software Development

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Outsource Software Development

In today's world, National boundaries are dissolved in the software industry. Creating a global scenario to hire and Keep the best talent wherever found. We, at Alobha can set up a dedicated development team for you. We offer this dedicated developer model to such clients who are looking to use the resources full time as an extension of their development team.

urces full time as an extension of their development team. The team can be as small as one programmer analyst and two programmers to maximum people with the skill set which is required by you. We make sure that the each Developing member has the experience and knowledge of the development and quality standard. The quality of development would be very high. Our model allows the customers to obtain full control over development processes, resources and results with the minimum investment. The contract duration is wholly dependent on client’s choice but we advise to hire a dedicated team for a minimum of three to six months. Some of the features of this model can be seen as.

1. Simple monthly billing cycles

2. Daily / weekly reporting

3. Project Manager overlooking overall progress

4.Direct reporting to clients' project coordinators

5. Source code ownership at all times

6. Full Intellectual Property Rights Protection

The key benefits of outsourcing your software projects to Alobha are the immediate access to a vast pool of best industry talents with low exit cost and no management cost and other etc.Software outsourcing will offer your company a great range of flexibility which improve efficiency of your staff allocation .By outsourcing we can utilize the flexible manpower and can reduce the HR cost .

Software outsourcing is a process of engaging third party professionals and developer for software development services. Often the complete process is managed and supervised by the company which outsources its development requirements. As a set rule third party software professionals are hired on contract to develop your application as per your exact requirements.

We work with you to overcome a particular business challenges in a way that satisfies your needs for speed,cost effectiveness and high quality

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