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IoT App Development

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IoT App Development

IoT app used to monitor and control the devices ,activities from anywhere and anytime The mobile app will help the administrator to send commands to the smart devices in order to make them to perform the required action. Identifying the devices, the cloud will send the related request to the appropriate sensor network using gateways.

The sensor network will process the required request and will send the reply back to the cloud . The cloud will find the user who had requested the data and push the required data to app.

IoT Apps development offers :

IP Addresses : Ip addresses play a vital role in IoT system the latest version of the internet protocol, IPv5 make IoT smarter than ever.

IoT gateways: IoT gateways is a form of solution that connects the devices to the internet through communication modes like wifi, bluetooth smart, Wi-Fi and wireless etc. This setup also enables the devices to communicate with each other Our IoT services are as follows:

1. IoT hardware development

2. Embedded hardware prototyping

3. IOT gateway development

4.Iot node development

Our Approach as simple and powerful as IOT’s concept of-Enabling devices to communicate intelligently through the internet.Think
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